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Knowledge is the Key!!

When the Colton Society opened their doors in 2011, we truly hadn't grasped the idea of environmental factors and their effects on genetic disorders, chromosome abnormalities, autism, and cancer. In such a small amount of time we have personally seen such a dramatic growth in every area and we find that to be quite alarming. You should too.

   Our world is changing, there is no doubt about it. Our children are being born with more and more genetic disorders (est. to be over 150,000 births in the U.S this year), autism is at an all-time high (1 out of every 58 children in the U.S) when we started our organization that number was 1-150 in the U.S, and our friends and family are dying of cancer (est. at 600,000 U.S deaths will happen just this year). Large corporations are killing our planet (78 million acres of rain-forests will be cut down this year) jeopardizing our planet, and putting our small farmers out of business.

   At what point do we start to question what’s really happening? Why is this happening? What can we do to help stop this or minimize these numbers? What can we do today to protect our children, friends, family and our planet? At what point will it become to late to make these changes? These questions need to be addressed. Together, we can change our situation, we can make the difference this world so badly needs. Lets start seeing our own efforts as a whole become the solution to these problems. This world will not change until we commit together into doing so.

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